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Tuning our Baby 👶 🍻 Check out the BiboKeg-Washer. For more info: #brewingequipment #brewingbeer #beer #stainlesssteel #craftbeer #kegwashers #kegwasher #keg #barrel

Posted by BiboTech on Monday, 12 December 2022

(Semi-Auto Keg Washer)

The BiboKeg Washer is built to optimize your keg-washing processes. It has 1, 2 or 3 washing stations with a capacity for cleaning between 10 and 30 kegs per hour and a touch-screen for ease of use. 

How does BiboKeg work?

Set the kegs onto the machine, press START on the touchscreen control panel and return to clean, pressurized kegs. It’s as easy as that

BiboKeg boasts a special pulse action that ensures both walls and spear are cleaned efficiently. And with intelligent and customizable cycles, BiboKeg is built to meet your specific keg-washing needs. 

The cleaning process includes six cycles:

  • Emptying remaining beer and depressurizing
  • Rinsing with water
  • Cleaning with high-temperature caustic soda
  • Sanitizing with Peracetic Acid
  • Steam sterilization
  • Final pressurization

Each cycle’s duration and number of repetitions can be fully controlled by the operator.

We take pride in designing, building, and standing by our product, which is why we offer a reimbursement policy for unsatisfied customers.

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