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About Us

Our story

 Let’s get something straight – we used to brew craft beer. A lot of it. 

We enjoyed every minute of owning our brewery. During this time, we made many friends, went to many events and supported quite a few communities of tinker-ers, bikers, environmentalists, architects and loads of other random people. Fun times. We even made quite a few beers inspired by them! The fact that we made people happy with our beer made it even more fulfilling.


But, during the expansion of our already middle-sized business, we needed our production capacity to expand too. We also needed to complete tasks faster and optimise our processes. We weren’t focusing on taste or flavour anymore because we were so overwhelmed. So we started looking for a solution. And it became strikingly apparent that there are few micro-brewing equipment solutions made with small and medium-sized breweries in mind. 

But, the good thing is – we’re engineers! 

We saw this issue as a challenge and set off to design and build the high-quality brewing equipment we dreamt of having. And now, after years of research and prototyping, we’ve become suppliers to many European craft breweries, providing them with automated equipment solutions. 

What we do

We design, prototype, test a million times, produce and deliver micro-brewing equipment for small and medium-sized breweries. Our products range from Keg Washers, Manual Canners to the soon-to-be-announced Keg Fillers. 


Our services don’t end with our products. Our team will be by your side during the whole process. Once you receive a quote and confirm your order, the timeline of delivery will be communicated as soon as the equipment is ready to leave our warehouse. When it’s delivered, a technician can come to ensure the machine is installed correctly and get you going on your new optimised brewing journey!

Our mission

We founded Bibotech to help you, fellow brewer, optimise your processes so you can focus on what you do best – brewing great beer. We understand that every brewer has unique needs, and we work closely with our customers to design custom solutions that meet their specific requirements. Our team is dedicated to helping you create the perfect beer, and we are always available to answer any questions or provide support. 

Let’s create some brewtiful beers together! 

Get in touch here.

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